Philip launched his debut single “Pride” in March 2016 after collaborating with Sydney’s Banton Brothers who co-wrote and produced his debut EP, STRONG. With a passionate message to stay true to yourself, “Pride” is a personal song for Philip who has always loved music but was put off from pursuing his dream as a teenager when his journey was touched by bullying, fear and intolerance.

Philip’s passion for singing began at a young age, copying dance moves from music videos and performing for his family. Gleaning influences from the greats of pop, his interest quickly evolved as he enrolled in performing arts studies that then led to an interest in musical theatre, hip hop, jazz, contemporary dance and acting. He took to the stage wherever and whenever he could; at community fairs, shopping centres, events and concerts as well as private weddings and functions. He made his big stage debut with 2007’s “Cruisin’ the Musical” – featuring Glenn Shorrock and Chris Murphy – and he also sang in the choir for Jessica Mauboy, Ricki-Lee and other Australian artists on Channel 7’s Telethon.

It was while studying a double scholarship in drama and dance at John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle that Philip felt the effect of bullying really bite, which led him to drop out and pursue other creative endeavours – starting up his own digital design company at the age of 18. Looking back after this point, Philip recognised the tough times had made him stronger and he suddenly had a focus, like never before. After feeling there wasn’t enough positive energy in the music he was hearing, Philip felt a strong desire to share his story, and at the same time use his music to shine a light on depression in the youth and LGBTQ communities. After countless hours writing and workshopping in the studio, STRONG was the result.

After the release of the “Pride” music video and an important live performance debut at Perth Pride Night in November 2016, Philip earned a legion of supporters to whom he feels completely indebted and hopes they’ll continue along with him on this journey of equality and love.

After another year of writing, Philip was back in the studio with fresh energy, ready to turn his inner thoughts and writing into more music for his fans. With a collection of heart-pumping personal stories, Philip found his way to another Sydney based producer, this time teaming up with Taka Perry for an exciting new direction in his music. You can hear Philip’s latest single Fable now, one of the eight tracks Philip created with Taka.

In 2019, while travelling the states, Philip found his way to Nick Kandler who produced new tracks that spoke of Philip’s truth in love and life. Philip’s new single, Paradise, will drop early 2020.